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It’s three weeks after they have officially started dating that he goes in an abandoned house for a raid. It left her anxious but now she’s downright terrified.

“Shots fired. I repeat shots fired” The two words from the tech’s mouth send her blood running cold and she can tell by the look on Tara’s face no one knows anything but she’s already on the phone calling for an ambulance. “Sam Two-Five-Seven,” the tech says but while Sue doesn’t know who that is; it isn’t Jack. 

They emerge from the house several minutes later and she waits until the suspects have been subdued before pouncing. At first he rocks back from the force of the hug but he quickly wraps his arms around her and holds her close.

“You scared me today,” she whispers and he can hear the fear in her voice but they both know there’s nothing he can do about that. So he calms her in the only way he knows how—he pulls her to the side and lets her panic in private and he strokes her hair and tells her as for as long as he can, he’ll be with her.

He knows he’s not the best when it comes emotions and his mind flashes back to the night the situation was reversed: Sue was in the middle of a raid, unprotected and alone. And how he didn’t say a thing. He pulls her tighter, silently letting her know he’s there because it’s always been that way with them. Not because she’s deaf and he’s horrible at voicing anything remotely private but because that’s the way they are. They’re artists at silent communication and the way she tucks her head into his shoulder and holds him that much closer lets him know his message has been received. And she loves him too.


Choose 4 fandoms in random order

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Choose 4 fandoms in random order

a) Doctor Who

b) Harry Potter


d) Sue Thomas


The first character you fell in love with

a) Martha Jones – Because I’m me I watched them out of order. Go figure. But I related to her and I felt for her and she’s still my companion.

b) I have no idea. Probably Hermione because I’ve been bullied and I felt for her but I don’t think I fell in love with any character specifically. Just the story itself.

c) Timmy? Abby? I’m actually not sure. I love all the characters and I think I started loving them around the same time.

d) LEVI. But Levi is a dog so past that, Bobby. He was the first to accept Sue (after Jack) and is a brother to her.

The character you never expected to love

a) Rose. Because I started with Martha, I saw Ten mourning for Rose and I decided I hated her because Martha was amazing and the Doctor was ignoring her. I only went back because I’ve been told how amazing this guy is and I wanted to know what was so special about her if he was so messed up after loosing her.

b) Draco. He’s a jerk but then you learn why he’s a jerk and you just want to hug him.

c) Leon Vance though this opinion just changed with this past episode. So it’s pretty recent. I don’t love him but I have a soft spot for him now.

d) Miles. He really turned around and became a valuable member of the team and actually nice to Sue.

The character you’d slap

a) Not a character but Moffat. He needs to learn how to handle character development, the proper way to write women as real people, and plots that aren’t self-contained but flow from one episode to the next.


c) Tony but lately that hasn’t been a problem. He’s really matured and gone in a good direction. Other than that, Vance but only up until this past episode.

d) I can’t remember his name (because he was such a creep) but the Supervisor who was 28 and lied about his resume and was just a horrible person.

Three favourite characters

a) Does The TARDIS count as a character? Other than her, The Doctor, Donna Noble, Rose Tyler. Really all the companions come in second place. Then probably The Master. So: The Doctor, Companions, The Master. Cheating, I know, but I can’t pick one.

b) Hermione, Harry, Luna? Hermione, Luna, Ginny? Like I said, I’m more in love with the story line than the individual characters.

c) Ziva, Abby, Gibbs. I mean you have the father with the favorite daughters protecting them from the boyfriends. What more could you want?

d) It’s either Bobby, Jack, Sue (because BroTP right there with a little OTP on the side) or Tara, Lucy, Sue (girl power!). I can’t decide.

The character you love that everyone else hates

a) Martha Jones. Sadly not everyone loves Martha like they should.

b) I can’t think of one. I loved Neville from the beginning, does that count?

c) I don’t think there is one. I’m not opposed to Eli—I don’t love him but I don’t think he’s the villain people make him out to be.

d) Okay honestly:  I think Randy is hysterical. He’s a typical office manager who gets off on telling people ‘no’. He’s funny and I don’t love him but he’s fun and I don’t think people realize that.

The character you don’t like that everyone else does

a) River Song/Clara. Really any character written by Moffat, with the exception of Jack because of Torchwood. I can’t get behind his characters and love them the way they should be loved. I can’t do it. I don’t feel an attachment to them like I should and when something bad happens to them I shrug.

b) I only really hate Umbridge and Voldemort. I don’t like the Mary-Sue Ginny was turned into in the last books nor the jealous…witch Hermione became. Does that count?

c) Ari. Maybe it’s just the part of fandom I’m in but everyone seems to love Ari and I can’t. Long lists of reasons but he’s not good and people sympathize with him.

d) I’m not the biggest fan of Lucy’s grandmother…but I love everyone.

Your OTPs

a) Rose x Doctor. Specifically Nine and Ten but all Doctors work too.

b) Harmony: Harry x Hermione.

c) Tiva is the only real OTP but I also ship McAbby and Jibbs.

d) Jack x Sue. All the way.




would you rather attend the wedding of your otp or get a copy of their sex tape?

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do you think i wanted this

this obsession with this stupid tv show

do you think i asked for it

do you think i’m okay with it

you know nothing